Fall is Upon Us in Colorado...What to do?

Fall is quickly setting in throughout the Rocky Mountain State, so whether you're coming for a visit, a new resident, or a full-on native...here are our top 5 things you should consider tackling this cool, crisp season:


1) Fall Colors Drive (Statewide)

Colorado Fall Colors 2016

The Colorado Visitor website has a great list of when & where to go for the best chance of seeing the fall colors changing.

2) Salida Bike Fest (Salida)

Salida Bike Fest


Salida Bike Festival is a 4 day festival celebrating bicycles of all kinds! Various groups in Salida have teamed up to create and promote unique and fun bike events throughout the week.

3) Adventure Film Festival (Boulder)

Boulder Adventure Film Festival

Boulder’s own homegrown film festival is a forum for the most inspiring independent films of the year. Films made of passion and action lead us from authentic exploration to environmental heroism, from the farthest reaches of the Earth to the deepest community activism.

4) MOUNTAIN CHILE CHA CHA (Pagosa Springs)


SCENIC TRAIL RUN ON PRIVATE TRAILS! Followed by an all-day Chile Festival!

5) Visit a Pumpkin Patch (Statewide)

Colorado Pumpkin Patch

Regardless of your age, a pumpkin patch is always a good time to soak in the crisp fall air and have a little fun. Farms & ranches around the state open their gates to the entire family each fall, so find one near you and have a blast!