Costa Rica - Days 9 & 10

We had originally hoped to do a boat trip through Palo Verde National Park, but the tour operator called in sick at the last minute and couldn't take us out. In all fairness we had tried to schedule the trip just the day prior, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. So we decided to do something we hadn't done the whole trip -- relax. The pools at Pacifico had remained unexplored for the duration of our trip, the piña coladas weren't going to drink themselves, so we were happy to oblige. It was nice not to have an itinerary and just relax and goof around. A nice dinner and drinks with Abby from capped the day. Day 10 may be a bit of a misnomer as it was really just 12 hours spent on planes. We did barely make our connection in Houston due to delays clearing immigration and customs, but all's well that ends well. What now? Well first I have to get used to the cold and rain that we met on our return to New York (a far cry from the sun and heat of Costa Rica). But it's only for a couple days of as I'm headed to Colorado and Utah on Friday for a couple weeks of climbing,skiing, and whatever other trouble I can manage to find... Happy trails!