Osprey Talon 44

~|~[caption id="attachment_711" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Osprey Talon 44"]Osprey Talon 44
The Osprey Talon 44 ended my search for a new pack.  I had gone through about three others in the span of about a month when I tried the Talon 44.  From my very first day on the trail the Talon 44 promised to be my go to pack and solidified that fact on the second day.  Reinforced lightweight materials allows the pack to be light while offering an acceptable level of durability.

The Talon 44 is constructed from lightweight 70x100 Denier nylon with the bottom and side seams reinforced with 160x330 Denier Nylon, which helps keep the total pack weight to 2lb. 6.5oz, which does sacrifice some durability.  The Talon 44 features a few other weight savers as well.  The trampoline style mesh backpanel allows for superior ventilation and a hydration pocket is located between the backpanel and the body.  Shoulder and hip straps feature perforated foam to reduce weight while increasing ventilation.  The shoulder straps have a small stretch pocket on each side and the hip belts have two small zipper pockets that are actually big enough to fit items in them.  The stretch pockets on the side of the body fit a Nalgene, but are almost useless because the compression straps sit directly on top of them.  Another stretch pocket on the back allows for a snow shovel or odds and ends you don't want with the rest of your gear.  A floating top pocket allows you to 'overpack' the Talon and an internal top compression strap allows you to carry a rope. You can also lose the top pocket altogether to reduce weight.  A sleeping bag zipper allows access to the bottom of the pack as well, although there are no internal dividers.  I use this to place my tent under the rest of my gear that is inside a waterproof liner.  The ice axe loops and bungee retainers perform as advertised.  I am quite fond of the strap retainers that keep loose ends of straps from flapping freely.  With all that it's funny that quite possibly my favorite feature is the whistle built into the sternum strap.  Why did it take so long to figure this out? All in all, Osprey has hit one out of the park with the Talon 44.  With great weight saving feature, well thought out design, and great sizes (albeit with loud colors).  This pack is now my go to pack for almost all outdoor ventures.  It is very obvious that Osprey is making packs for backpacking, not as fashion accessories.  Osprey also makes the Talon 33, Talon 22, and Talon 11 with 33, 22, and 11 liters of capacity, respectively.

Quick Info

Design: Ultralight 44 liter backpack Capacity: 44l (2,685 cu/in) Weight: 2lb. 6.5oz. (M/L) Retail:

  • Talon 44: $159 (Buy)
  • Talon 33: $129 (Buy)
  • Talon 22: $99 (Buy)
  • Talon 11: $79 (Buy)

Why it's hot:

  • Weight
  • Great size
  • Adjustable torso size
  • Whistle on sternum strap
  • Strap retainers

Why it's not:

  • Compression strap placement